Don’t take just our word…here are what other agents are saying.

“$419k increase in GCI” – Eric, TN

“From 67 to 90 Transactions in 12 months.”  -Doug, AL

“From 57 to 88 Transactions” -Nick, OH

2 consecutive 6-figure months, solo agent. 👊🏼
Week 2 Student

“Set 3 new appointments in the first 2 weeks worth $27,000 in commissions”


“$332,000 increase in the first 12 months.”

Doug G.  Orange Beach, AL


“Join if you are looking to build your business while keeping a certain quality of life.  It has given me a completely different outlook, income and lifestyle.”

“From 4 to 9 transactions a month” – Greg, PA

“First time breaking $300k in GCI in 26 years”  -Robin, CO

“3 new listings in the first month” -Kenneth, CA

Week 19 Student

“I needed guidance with my assistant and David helped me come up with a great plan and it’s woking wonderfully.”

Week 14 Student

“It has really helped me organize what I should be doing and teaching me how to keep leads from falling through the cracks.”

Week 16 Student

“Closings on Demand was more expensive than the other 3 companies I called but now that I’m achieving my goals it was a no-brainer.”

“Results in the first 2 months, One of the better programs out there”  -Linda, MA

Week 5 Student

“This has helped me but more than just the added income…I wanted to learn how to streamline my business and make more time for life..and I can already see that happening.”

Week 14 Student

“After learning the Closings on Demand way of prospecting I now know who to call and how to get them to want to meet with me.”

Week 11

“I would tell someone of doing the program to do it and to stick to it as much as possible.  It’s a lot of work but it’s structural for the future as a real estate agent.”

Week 2 Student

“It’s very honest and direct.  Gets you thinking about your business and not just telling you to go make more calls.”

3rd Year Graduate

“3 years ago I was producing at what I thought was a high level but after going through the Closings on Demand program and setting up my business to focus on certain lead generators and my dialogue fine tuned… I’ve been able to double my transactions and increase my income over $200,000 each year.”

Doug G.  Orange Beach, AL


“My income went from $176,000 to $257,000 in my 2nd year of applying this program.”

Week 8 Student

“My Ah-Ha moment was understanding how to work smarter not harder.  I learned to work intentional for the committed work hours through the day.”

Week 14 Student

The Closings on Demand program has helped me identify the “squirrels” that pop up throughout the day.  Squirrels are the things I’ve allowed to interrupt my schedule and how to deal with them.

1 Year Graduate

“Since going through the Closings on Demand program I increased my income from $57,000 – $176,000 in the following 12 months.”

Chad H.  Orange Beach, AL

Week 16 Student

“It has helped me be more proactive in my time management and more aware of things I was doing and wasting valuable time that was not making me any money.”

Week 4 Student

“It has helped me by creating a daily task of productivity and accountability that I’ve never had before”

Week 18 Student

“After relying on SOI and past clients my entire career.. I now have new lead generators that are allowing me to expand my production to a much higher level.”

Week 12 Student

“I have enjoyed my relationship with the coaches because every time we talk they are talking about me and my business and how to improve it and not in the “general sense” like everyone else”

Week 8 Student

“I am really enjoying this program as it has helped me be more aware of my lead generators and more aggressive in my asking for the business.”

Week 17 Student

“I needed more leads and I’ve learned how important lead generators are and how to obtain the right ones with time or money.”

Week 6 Student

“This program has definitely given me the plan to hit my income goal.”

Week 14 Student

“I’ve learned how to convert expired’s!  Now I’m building up my listing inventory.  Never though I’d love expired’s.”

Week 7 Student

“It has given me more confidence and knowing how to approach prospective clients.”

These are statements given to us from our clients.  However, we do not ask our clients to prove these claims or verify their bank accounts to us in any way.  We take them at their word.  If that’s not good enough for you? Then, “Bless your heart…”   These agents applied themselves during our program and worked to attain these claims.  If you are lazy and don’t apply what we teach then you will NOT receive these results.