Our Story

Let’s get Real.  

You’ve been working by referral only hoping to scale your business… You’ve been struggling to really scale your business… Your lead generators are costing you a lot of time and/or money… You are unsure of what to say to today’s prospects in order to get them to want to work with you… You want to know which lead generators to invest your time and money into… You would like better system in place in order to scale your business… I’ve been there… Actually, throughout my career I tried numerous different real estate coaching programs.  Yet everyday I was spending my time “marketing” and hoping that it would turn into more closings… but it never did.  So I interviewed, researched and asked numerous top producing real estate agents hoping to find their magic pill only to find out they just happened to have family already in the business or just had a hook-up in the business that led them to their success.  None of which I had.  I then started watching my business.  What converted into a closings…and why or why not.  From almost a solid year of researching I found a common denominator or sorts… that allowed me to create a formula of which type of lead generator to use…when to use it and why.  This literally was a game-changer for my business.

Closings on Demand® is different.

Closings on Demand® is a proven step-by-step process that gives agents the tools and systems they need in order to attain their desired income and production goals. All customized to ensure agents get true transformation in their business. Teaching an agent just one part of their business will only lead to inconsistent income. From knowing which lead generators to implement, dialogue training, learning to control buyers, a schedule customized to work with your lifestyle, and daily accountability…we teach full circle. We’re a team of experts committed to help you gain the freedom you want and build the business of your dreams. The truth is though we are not for everyone. We only take on students that we know we can get the results they want.

David Huffman, founder of the Closings on Demand® system, has been a licensed real estate agent and broker since 2002. In his sixteen years of experience selling real estate, David has built a multiple 7-figure business that has sold over $1 billion in properties. David Huffman alone has sold over 1,200 properties and over 6,000 properties through his team.  For the past 3 years, he has been coaching many of his fellow agents completing approximately 8,000 coaching calls, sharing his strategies with them. After helping several agents create the business and income they were out for along with protecting their work-life balance, David decided that other agents could benefit from his program.  “It seems the ‘industry’ wants to keep real estate agents confused as they are alway’s giving out another “#1 idea”.  The Closings on Demand® system allows agents to choose the income they want and put the lead generators in place in order to start achieving their desired income level TODAY.  But it is more than just leads.  Agents must learn the conversion process along with other key pieces of their business in order to accomplish this.  That’s why the Closings on Demand® system is covers all of these key pieces in order for the agent to get the desired results.” By implementing his own strategies for work-life balance over the years, David has also been able to follow his passion to become a pilot, a Divemaster and his true passion of serving others. He enjoys flying his Cirrus aircraft for both business, pleasure and traveling to new places (especially the Bahamas). David is also the founder of the Central Arkansas Young Professionals’ Network (YPN), which honored him in 2015 as Realtor of the Year. The YPN regularly donates to Habitat for Humanity. One of David’s most satisfying endeavors, however, continues to be helping agents create the fulfilling life they seek through his Closings on Demand® training.


We understand the importance of agent safety and we are a proud supporter of the Beverly Carter Foundation.