The Closings on Demand® System

Who is this Program For?

    • Agents who want to have up to 10 closings a month consistently each and every month
    • Agents who want to go from being a “sales agent” to being a “business owner”
    • Agents who have tried other coaching programs that didn’t work
    • Agents who want to hire an assistant at the right time or maximize their current assistant
    • Agents who want a super clear plan to attain their production goals
    • Agents who want to build a reliable lead generation and closing system
    • Agents who don’t want to spend years in trial and error 
    • Agents who see the value of a proven, turnkey system to follow

Benefits of the Program: 

    • Learn the exact method hundreds of agents have doubled and tripled their closings and income in less than a year
    • Evaluate your current marketing approaches (advertising, flyers, lead gen, etc.) and create an exact blueprint of what your Closings on Demand System will require to maximize your leads, closings, to hit your income goal
    • Build out a reliable lead generation engine that works for you 24/7, 52 weeks a year
    • Learn and implement the exact high-leverage, high-performance productivity, time and focus management system that will double your daily and weekly productivity all while working less hours

How The Closings on Demand® Program is Delivered:

    • 12 weeks
    • Each phase and each element in your CoD System has specific milestones and deliverables that we help you complete
    • Weekly semi-private coaching call with David Huffman covering important topics affecting your business
    • Five phases of the program to hold your hand and help you build out each part of your Closings on Demand System
    • Different expert coaches throughout the different phases of the Closings on Demand program (lead generation coach, dialogue coach, productivity coach, mindset etc)
    • Access to “The Academy” online training site of 80+ videos explaining each part of the Closings on Demand system
    • Coaches focused on you learning the system.  Results Based Coaching. 

Five Phases (Over 12 Weeks)

Phase One: Build Your Financial Model  


Gain absolute clarity for your goals and your growth plan:  a) Know Your Numbers Worksheet; b) One-Year and Monthly Goals Worksheet

Business Growth Milestone:

You will know your numbers, know exactly what you need to do week to week and month to month to reach your goals.

Phase Two: Design and Assemble Your Reliable Lead Generators  


    • Evaluate your exact needs for your market and your budget
    • Create a Lead Engine blueprint
  • Select, install and link together the elements of the lead engine  

Business Growth Milestones:

    • Lead Acquisition Needs Analysis
    • Select from 80+ options for the components of your Lead Machine and decide on 5 active and 3 passive lead generators
    • Install, connect, launch and test your custom Lead Engine
  • Know which type of lead generators to implement and when based upon our proven formula

Phase Three: Install Your Conversion Engine  


  1. a) Evaluate the needs for your “Qualification Process” in your market and with your ideal audience, b) Set up your Qualification Process (A,B,C,Ds), c) Refine your script and skills to move prospects along in the pipeline

Business Growth Milestones:

    • Learn “Motivation and Timeframe” to be able to segment all of your prospects into the correct categories
    • Learn the exact dialog and skills to encourage people in the pipeline to move to the next category
  • Learn how doing all this will squeeze more ROI out of your lead generators (Not everyone is ready to buy/sell today)

Phase Four: Build Your Time Management Platform  


  • Evaluate your current productivity and identify ways to get a lot more leverage, master your time management, calendar management, and task management.
  • Implement a very specific day-by-day productivity system that ensures that every day you have have an “Hourly Checklist” so that you get maximum leverage to increase your income rapidly.

Business Growth Milestones:

  • Evaluate your current calendar and weekly and daily practices to determine how you can “cut the fluff” so that you know the highest leverage activities every day and week!
  • Inventory and clarify all operations in your business and prioritize and schedule activities, especially three core categories: 1) Pending Transactions, 2) Preparing for and Going on Appointments, and 3) Prospecting*
  • Identify all of your distractions (which we call “squirrels’) and learn to eliminate or “tame” your squirrels.
  • Use our High-Leverage Productivity templates to customize your own Maximum Focus Calendar and High Leverage Habits.
  • Business Growth Milestone: Implement Hourly Checklist that budgets your time toward income-producing activities (by order of importance).

Phase Five: Setting Up and Optimizing Your Performance Management Dashboard  


Design and implement your optimum Performance Tracking System

Business Growth Milestones:

    • Evaluate needs and design your Performance Tracking System (whiteboards, prospects, timelines, progress tracking, monthly production against goals, etc)
  • Launch and tune your Performance Tracking System as a dashboard that helps you track your leads and closings and correlate them with your various lead generators so you can adjust week-to-week to maximize productivity and income

Now let’s get to building your Closings on Demand® business today!