Episode 001: The Problem with Coaching and Training Programs of Today.

Episode 001: The Problem with Coaching and Training Programs of Today.

The Challenge with Coaching and Training Programs of Today with Kevin Cottrell.

Episode 01: 

Welcome to the first episode of the Closings On Demand Podcast! Today we are hosting a discussion with our very own Kevin Cottrell as we talk about real estate coaching programs and some of the major issues that they currently face. We all see the large amount of failure rates within the industry and at least some of this has to go down to the failure of the coaching that takes place. If there were better programs with which realtors could engage we would surely see higher success rates and increases in closing numbers. In our discussion, we cover what coaching programs often look like and then consider what it is that agents actually want and need from these. From there we go on to list what we believe to be the essentials that are so often missing. These include flexibility, practicality and specialization and more. We finish off the episode with some information on our answer to this problem, a webinar that Closings On Demand is hosting. So for all this and more be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What do today’s coaching programs really look like?
  • Adjusting the coaching mould to something better for your agents.
  • Getting agents what they really want and what is necessary for the industry.
  • Versatility and flexible coaching, off script on a call.
  • Getting results now!
  • Individual expertise, specialization and exposure to multiple coaches.
  • Presenting a real, fully imagined program with practical application.
  • Real transformation for real agents in today’s climate.
  • Registration for the upcoming Closings On Demand webinar.
  • Reasons to be hopeful about your future in the real estate market.
  • And much more!